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2021 EU Health Award - Rules

1. Applications submitted under the 2021 EU Health Award must have started and been put into practice in 2020 and/or 2021.

2. The applications can be submitted until 30 November 2021.

3. In applying for the EU Health Award, the applicant accepts that (s)he has read, understood and agreed with the competition rules.

4. After submitting the application, participants will be able to download or print their submitted application. Only after the confirmation, will a participant be considered to be an applicant for the EU Health Award. There will be no individual confirmation e-mail regarding the eligibility of the submitted initiative.

5. Applicants might be asked to send further information about their initiative and their organisation, to be assessed in more detail by the Jury. If this information is not delivered within the time limit set in the request, the European Commission reserves the right to disqualify the applicant.

6. The European Commission reserves the right not to divulge the names of the winners and shortlisted applicants to the wider public until the day of the Award ceremony.

7. The European Commission reserves the right to reject any application that does not comply with the competition requirements.

8. The European Commission reserves the right to use information about the initiatives (including photographs and illustrations) entered in the competition in publicity materials and the Commission websites. This information could also be distributed to the media, and used for the promotion of the European Commission, the EU Health Policy Platform or the EU Health Award in any form.

9. The practices shortlisted will be published on the EU Health Award page, in the EU Health Policy Platform and on any other suitable Commission websites. They could also be shared on social networks.

10. The Jury’s decisions on the merit of these initiatives are final and irrevocable.

11. The European Commission reserves the right to leave the 2021 EU Health Award unattributed, if applications presented do not comply with the requirements detailed above or meet the expected quality.

12. The Commission shall not be held liable for any damage caused or sustained by any of the participants, including any damage caused to third parties as a consequence of or during the implementation of the activities related to the contest.

13. The participants accept that, if they are awarded the prize, the Commission, the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and the Court of Auditors may carry out checks and audits in relation to the contest and the received prize.

14. The contest is governed by the applicable European Union law complemented, and where necessary, by the law of Luxembourg. The General Court or, on appeal, the Court of Justice of the European Union, shall have sole jurisdiction to hear any dispute between the Union and any participant concerning the interpretation, application or validity of the rules of this contest, if such dispute cannot be settled amicably.

15. Payment of prizes: the Commission will request specific documents from the winning and shortlisted initiatives under each category of the 2021 EU Health Award, both on cancer prevention and mental health, in order to proceed with the payment of the prize. The deadline for the winners and shortlisted to submit the requested documents is the end of June/July 2022. Upon reception of the correct and original documents, the payment of the prize will normally take place within 45 days.

16. Any questions related to the Rules of the Award should be addressed by e-mail to the following functional mailbox:

Answers will only be published periodically and within a reasonable period of time on the EU Health Award website. Questions submitted 7 days prior to the closing date of the 2021 EU Health Award will be the last questions for which answers can be provided.

Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to the EU Health Award.