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Public Health

The first 24 ERNs were launched in 2017, involving more than 900 highly-specialised healthcare units from over 300 hospitals in 26 Member States.

Search tool

The ERN search tool presents information about the ERNs in a searchable way. The data concerned includes ERN names and details and ERN clinical centres names and details. You can look for the information from different points of views:

  • Who is member of a given ERN: select the ERN you are interested in, and the list of its members will appear, both as a list and as geo-referenced pins on the map;
  • Which clinical centres participate in the ERNs in a given country: select a country, or write directly its name, and the map will appear with the localization of the clinical centres which are members of ERNs;

There is a restricted area available for authorised users which is currently managed by the European Commission.

The networks

Information on the networks is summarised in factsheets available in 23 languages and Norwegian.

ERN BONDEuropean Reference Network on bone disorders (Factsheet - Website)
ERN CRANIOEuropean Reference Network on craniofacial anomalies and ear, nose and throat (ENT) disorders (Factsheet - Website)
Endo-ERNEuropean Reference Network on endocrine conditions (Factsheet - Website)
ERN EpiCAREEuropean Reference Network on epilepsies (Factsheet - Website)
ERKNetEuropean Reference Network on kidney diseases (Factsheet - Website)
ERN-RNDEuropean Reference Network on neurological diseases (Factsheet - Website)
ERNICAEuropean Reference Network on inherited and congenital anomalies (Factsheet - Website)
ERN LUNGEuropean Reference Network on respiratory diseases (Factsheet - Website)
ERN SkinEuropean Reference Network on skin disorders (Factsheet - Website)
ERN EURACANEuropean Reference Network on adult cancers (solid tumours) (Factsheet - Website)
ERN EuroBloodNetEuropean Reference Network on haematological diseases (Factsheet - Website)
ERN eUROGENEuropean Reference Network on urogenital diseases and conditions (Factsheet - Website)
ERN EURO-NMDEuropean Reference Network on neuromuscular diseases (Factsheet - Website)
ERN EYEEuropean Reference Network on eye diseases (Factsheet - Website)
ERN GENTURISEuropean Reference Network on genetic tumour risk syndromes (Factsheet - Website)
ERN GUARD-HEARTEuropean Reference Network on diseases of the heart (Factsheet - Website)
ERN ITHACAEuropean Reference Network on congenital malformations and rare intellectual disability (Factsheet - Website)
MetabERNEuropean Reference Network on hereditary metabolic disorders (Factsheet - Website)
ERN PaedCanEuropean Reference Network on paediatric cancer (haemato-oncology) (Factsheet - Website)
ERN RARE-LIVEREuropean Reference Network on hepatological diseases (Factsheet - Website)
ERN ReCONNETEuropean Reference Network on connective tissue and musculoskeletal diseases (Factsheet - Website)
ERN RITAEuropean Reference Network on immunodeficiency, autoinflammatory and autoimmune diseases (Factsheet - Website)
ERN TRANSPLANT-CHILDEuropean Reference Network on Transplantation in Children (Factsheet - Website)
VASCERNEuropean Reference Network on Rare Multisystemic Vascular Diseases (Factsheet - Website)