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Public Health

The Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in health is an interdisciplinary and independent group established by the European Commission to provide non-binding independent advice on matters related to effective, accessible and resilient health systems. The Expert Panel aims to support DG Health and Food Safety in its efforts towards evidence-based policy-making, to inform national policy making in improving the quality and sustainability of health systems and to foster EU level cooperation to improve information, expertise and the exchange of best practices.


Examples of areas of activities include, but are not limited to primary care, hospital care, pharmaceuticals, research and development, prevention and health promotion, links with the social protection sector, cross-border issues, system financing, information systems and patient registers, health inequalities.


The Expert Panel consists of 17 experts appointed in December 2019 for a period of 3 years. They were appointed following an open call for applications, evaluation and selection process ensuring a balanced representation of relevant areas of expertise as well as geographical and gender balance.

Appointed in a personal capacity, they are well-established, independent scientists, with over 10 years' professional and multi-disciplinary experience in health area.

Working methods

When the Expert Panel receives a request for advice (mandate) from the Commission to draft an opinion, it establishes a drafting group, composed of Panel members with relevant expertise.

Members attend plenary meetings, participate in drafting groups, and at the request of the Commission may also participate in other activities where their involvement is relevant.

Drafting groups are chaired by a Panel member. The Panel designates a Rapporteur from among Members to compile information, revise draft opinions, and ensure that reports are prepared on time.

Before the opinion is finalised the public hearing is organised to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to share their views on the draft opinion.

Working principles

The Panel performs its tasks in compliance with the principles of excellence, independence, multi-sectoral approach, transparency and confidentiality.

All Expert Panel members must declare commitment, confidentiality, and interest in the subject matter before participating in work. Declarations of interest are updated orally at each meeting.

Legal documents

Documents on the functioning of the Panel