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News announcement2 August 2022Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety1 min read

1-minute videos with subtitles - Get to know the 2021 EU Health Award winners – educational institutions, NGOs and local authorities and affiliated organisations

The EU Health Award Ceremony in Brussels gathered representatives of educational institutions, NGOs, local authorities and affiliated organisations to announce the winning initiatives targeting cancer prevention and mental health throughout the EU.

Fifteen of them were announced as winners in their respective categories. Those present and watching could get a glimpse of the initiatives . . . in just a minute, literally! The 15 videos that last 1 minute each are now available on Vimeo, and with subtitles to facilitate your understanding of these projects.

And that’s not all! A summary of the EU Health Award Ceremony is ready for you to watch! In less than 8 minutes, you will get the flavour of the amazing work performed by these organisations across the EU and how it felt for them to receive such a recognition.

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Publication date
2 August 2022
Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety