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Известие5 януари 2023Орган за готовност и реакция при извънредни здравни ситуации

HERA celebrates its first anniversary - updated

HERA celebrates its one year anniversary

The European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA), a key pillar of the European Health Union, celebrated its first anniversary. This was the moment to reflect upon HERA’s development from emergency to structured response, to acknowledge its achievements during its first year of existence and to explore its way forward to better preparedness. The “One Year of HERA” conference was organised at BluePoint Brussels to share this momentum with our stakeholders.

5 ЯНУАРИ 2023
HERA first anniversary - Keynotes of speech by Peter Piot
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5 януари 2023 (Последна актуализация на: 5 януари 2023)
Орган за готовност и реакция при извънредни здравни ситуации