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Public Health

Conference on cross-border healthcare Directive “Towards amplified awareness of EU rights to cross-border care”

Brussels, 24 October 2016

About the Conference


The EU Health Programme called for the organization of a conference of National Contact Points (NCP) in order to improve their functioning and raise awareness about the Directive 2011/24/EU on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare .

This conference built on the discussions which took place at the Informal Meeting of Ministers of Health held in Luxembourg in September 2015, as well as on the findings of the 2015 Commission report on the operation of the cross-border healthcare Directive and the Eurobarometer on Patient Rights published in May 2015. These published reports and ongoing discussions showed that concerns around patient information and NCP performances persisted and continued to be identified as critical issues still to be addressed.

Aim of the conference

The conference aimed mainly at:

  • Improving information provision to enable patients to cross-border healthcare;
  • Fostering better coordination between NCPs;
  • Amplifying NCP cooperation with patient organisations, healthcare providers and healthcare insurers for the benefit of patients.


Final programme (Updated version, 7 October 2016)


140 participants coming mainly from Ministries, National Contact Points, Patients organisations, Healthcare providers, Insurers, policy makers, journalists).



Report of the Conference.