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Public Health

Conference "Media and smoking prevention"

(upon invitation only)
Rome - 13-15 November 2003


There is much controversy about media-based youth prevention campaigns with regard to tobacco control. In the light of its 'Feel free to say no' campaign, the Commission is organizing, in collaboration with the Italian Presidency of the Council, a conference (participation upon invitation only) where public health and media experts will present the latest results on media campaigns aimed at smoking prevention, examine their pros and cons and share their views on this issue. The final aim of this conference is to produce a series of recommendations to ensure that the European Commission's future media campaigns will be developed in accordance with the latest scientific evidence available and come forward with innovative and consensus-driven solutions.

The participants (200 people should be attending) will include media and communication experts, tobacco control experts, researchers and representatives of Member States administrations.

Documents related to the Conference: