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Public Health

Expert Group on Health Systems Performance Assessment (HSPA)

In February 2014, the Council Work Party on Public Health at Senior Level invited Member States and the Commission to set up an Expert Group on Health Systems Performance Assessment (HSPA). The Expert Group was established in September 2014.

Assessing the performance of health systems is useful to properly understand how they work, and therefore to carry out actions to improve them. Performance assessment offers the transparency that is essential for securing accountability for health systems, thereby improving their functioning.

A sound assessment is essential to:

  • identify good and bad practice;
  • strengthen effectiveness of care;
  • increase accessibility;
  • improve the safety of patients.

Knowing how the health system works is the precondition to design effective health system reforms for the benefit of citizens.

Structural and organisational framework:

Austria – Gesundheit Österreich, Federal Ministry of HealthIreland - Department of Health
Belgium - National Institute for Health and Disability InsuranceLatvia - Ministry of Health
Bulgaria - Ministry of HealthLithuania - Ministry of Health
Croatia – Ministry of HealthLuxembourg - Ministry of Health
Cyprus - Ministry of HealthMalta - Ministry for Energy and Health
Czech Republic - Ministry of HealthNetherlands - National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
Denmark - Ministry of HealthPoland - Ministry of Health
Estonia - Ministry of Social AffairsPortugal - Ministry of Health
Finland - Ministry of Social Affairs and HealthRomania - Ministry of Health
France – Ministry of HealthSlovakia - Ministry of Health
Germany - Federal Ministry of HealthSlovenia - Ministry of Health
Greece - National School of Public HealthSpain - Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality
Hungary - National Healthcare Service CenterSweden - National Board of Health and Welfare
Italy - National Agency of Regional Health Services (AGENAS)

EEA countries:

Norway - Norwegian Directorate of Health, Division of Health Economics and Financing

International organisations:

OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
WHO - World Health Organization
European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies