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Public Health

HELP - For a life without tobacco

Conference "Communicating health, the tobacco example"
Brussels, 9-11 October 2008

Thursday 9 October 2008 (afternoon)

Opening (plenary): Andrzej Rys, Director for Public Health, European Commission ( View the video .wmv)

Presentations (plenary) - 1st session
Chair: G. Hastings, Institute for Social Marketing

DG SANCO & YFJ European online contest 2008 awards

Presentations (plenary) - 2nd session
Chair: R. Madelin, Director-General for Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission

Presentations (plenary) - 3rd session
Chair: Andrzej Ryś, Director for Public Health, European Commission

Friday 10 October 2008

Presentations (plenary) - 1st session
Chair: S. Outfin, Carat GM

Presentations (plenary) - 2nd session
Chair: I. Prainsack, YFJ Bureau Member