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Call for interest for AD officials - October 2021

A call for interest to the attention of AD officials was published early October 2021

HERA received a lot of applications from AD officials but also from all types of profiles. HERA is still examining the applications of AD officials and proceeding with interviews. This process should be close before the end of the year and all AD established officials should received an answer before the end of the year. Some answers have been sent already.

Other applications received will then be examined for possible recruitments under different type of contract (TA, CA IV and CA III). See spontaneous applications.

Recruitment of Seconded National Expert-Deadline 25/01/2022

If you are an official from an EU Member states and would like to be seconded to HERA, you should apply via your permanent representation who has received a request from the EC on 17/11/2021. Your application has to be channeled via the permanent representation which is the only formal way to apply. The deadline to apply is 25/01/2022. Your permanent representation may apply a shorter deadline in order to process the applications before sending them to the Commission so check the deadline accordingly.

Spontaneous applications

Spontaneous applications will be examined after applications of established officials. Possible contracts would be TA (where the official post cannot be filled by an official) or CA IV, III and II. For CA contract you should register your profile under the CAST Permanent call.

If looking at the call for interest (published for AD officials) you have the impression that one of the profiles corresponds to your background and experience, feel free to send your application to When sending your application to HERA, please indicate the CAST selection that you have registered for or that you have passed.