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Overview of the national laws on electronic health records in the EU Member States (2016)

The study had two main goals. First, to provide an overview of the national laws on electronic health records within the EU Member States. Second, to assess the interaction of these national laws with the provision of cross-border eHealth services mentioned in Directive on patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare (2011/24/EU) .

For each EU Member State (and Norway) a specific country report is available, containing the legal requirements applying to EHRs. These reports are not only focused on the current state of affairs, but also take into account potential future legislation. The national reports are used to perform a comparative analysis resulting in concrete recommendations, on a broad range of issues, for both national and EU actors.

Legal study on electronic health records

Final report and recommendations

Country reports

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European Commission support can be divided into three main areas: co-financing of projects, support to awareness-raising events (in particular to the annual High-Level Presidency eHealth conferences) and running structures for awareness and networking building, best practice sharing and policy development.

A vast number of projects related to eHealth have been co-financed by the EU under several programmes.