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Public Health

Presentations of the seminar salt in bread, technical, taste and other parameters for healthy eating

The reduction of the salt intake is a public health issue in many European Member States. Bread has been identified an important contributor to the daily salt intake in many countries. On the other hand, salt has important technological functions in bakery products next to giving taste. The seminar provideed a forum to discuss issues of salt content of bread, looking on health and technological issues and inform about experiences from some countries that have actively reduced the salt content in bread.

Prof Denis L. Clement (Member of Scientific Council of European Society of Hypertension, University of Ghent, Belgium):
Salt and health

Prof Hannu Salovaara, (Professor of Cereal Technology, University of Helsinki, Finland):
Technologies of salt reduction in bread: issues, problems and solutions

Dr Ken Johnston (Science Director, Food Processing Faraday Partnership Ltd, UK):
Salt reduction in plant and artisanal bread - practical experience & bakery science

Experiences from the Finish salt reduction initiative for bread:

Prof Pirjo Pietinen (National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland):
Finland's experiences in salt reduction

Mr Sampsa Haarasilta (Director, Fazer Group, Finland):
Fazer's experiences from salt reduction

Mr Guy Valkenborg (President of the group on private sector commitment of the Belgian National Plan Nutrition and Health) and Ms Laurence Doughan (Nutrition expert, FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment):
The Belgian Approach

Ms Kathou Wagemans (Secretary of the Federation of Bread Manufacturers):
Salt and Bread : a good marriage?

The UK:
Ms Alette Addison (Food Standards Agency, London, UK):
Salt: is your food full of it?

Mr Gordon Polson (Director of The UK's Federation of Bakers):
Salt in bread

Mr Juan-Manuel Ballesteros (Technical adviser - NAOS Strategy, Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency, Madrid, Spain):
Workshop on salt reduction in bread

Ms Agueda García-Agulló (Managing Director of R&D, Baking Institute representing the Spanish Confederation of Bakers):
Salt and bread

Dr Daniela Galeone (Medical Director, Ministry of Health, Department of Prevention and Communication, Italy)
Salt reduction initiatives for bread