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Call for experts on EMF

Call for external experts for the SCHEER WG on electromagnetic fields (EMF)

The European Commission has requested the Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) to produce a Scientific Opinion on the safety of electromagnetic fields (EMF).

To conduct a comprehensive risk assessment of this matter as required by the mandate, the SCHEER has identified a need for external experts to participate in the relevant group that will work on this Opinion. Specific expertise in the following areas is needed with research focus on radiofrequencies (100 KHz – 300 GHz):

  • cell biology and biophysics,
  • human or animal (vertebrates) biology/toxicology.

The expertise should be demonstrated by publications included in, and high quality journals.

Preference will be given to experts covering more than one area of expertise.

Please provide details concerning your areas of expertise on the application form and in your CV.

Applicants should be aware that the members of the working groups are expected to participate in physical meetings in Luxembourg or via audio connection. This is in addition to the work on drafting the opinion where they contribute as individual scientists. Good knowledge of English is required, as the working language is English.

This call for experts is launched according to the Rules of procedure of the Scientific Committees ensuring transparency and equal opportunities for highly qualified and specialised scientific experts.

Applications from interested candidates should be submitted online. Only properly completed online applications will be considered.

Online form

The closing date for the applications is 14 November 2021, 23:59, CET.

The successful candidates will be required to read and accept the conditions for external experts as explained in detail in the Rules of procedure of the Scientific Committees.

A completed Declaration of Interest statement is required and will form a part of the selection criteria.

Please read the Privacy statement before submitting your application. Should you need help, please contact: