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Public Health

Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR)

The Committee provides opinions on emerging or newly-identified health and environmental risks and on broad, complex or multidisciplinary issues requiring a comprehensive assessment of risks to consumer safety or public health and related issues not covered by other Community risk assessment bodies.

Potential areas of activity include:

  • antimicrobial resistance
  • new technologies (e.g. nanotechnologies)
  • medical devices including those incorporating substances of animal/human origin
  • physical hazards (e.g. noise, electromagnetic fields)
  • tissue engineering
  • blood products
  • fertility reduction
  • cancer of endocrine organs
  • interaction of risk factors, synergic effects, cumulative effects
  • methodologies for assessing new risks

It may also be invited to address risks related to public health determinants and non-transmissible diseases.

More information on the field of competence of the SCENIHR


List of members.

• Members can be contacted via the Secretariat.

List of working group-members and other supporting experts.


The committee usually produces its reports in response to a specific request.

Opinions and statements

At the end of the risk assessment process, the Committee adopts opinions. The Committee can also, at its own initiative, publish statements on specific topics.

Opinions in plain language

For some opinions – of direct relevance to the public – a plain-language version is produced for non-specialists.


• Agenda and minutes of working group meetings

• Agenda and minutes of plenary meetings


Rules of procedure of the Scientific Committees

• the stakeholder dialogue procedure is set out in Annex IV of that document.



Former Scientific Committees

Information on former Scientific Committees

1st plenary meeting, Luxembourg, 11-12 April 2013