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Public Health

Council Recommendation

The European Commission plans to adopt in the coming months a proposal for a Council Recommendation on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) together with the package of legislative proposals to revise the EU pharmaceutical legislation. AMR provisions are also foreseen in the revised pharmaceutical legislation.

The proposal for a Council Recommendation will extend and complement the 2017 EU One Health Action Plan against AMR in all three dimensions of the One Health spectrum by providing recommendations to the Commission and to Member States in order to maximize synergies and to attain a strong and effective response against AMR across the EU.

Concrete objectives and activities will be put in place in order to strengthen Member States’ actions against AMR, especially in the area of public health where the EU has limited competences. New initiatives addressing the environmental dimension of AMR will be included. The policy initiative will also go beyond EU borders with a set of actions aimed at intensifying EU involvement in global initiatives against AMR.

The recommendations will benefit from the following consultations and inputs:

  • public feedback received to the call for evidence published on the 24 February 2022, analysed as part of the future-proofing study of the 2017 EU One Health Action Plan against AMR
  • recommendations of the AMR One Health Network subgroup, composed of the 27 Member States' representatives and chaired by France, tasked to formulate suggestions to the Commissions for AMR actions
  • results of the opinion on AMR of the Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in health
  • review of the Member States’ AMR National Action Plans
  • results of the two European Health Emergency preparedness and Response Authority (DG HERA) preparatory actions on
    1) AMR feasibility study on stockpiling and
    2) bringing AMR medical countermeasures to the market
  • results of the external study on a future proofing analysis of the 2017 EU One-health AMR Action Plan. The study will assess the effectiveness of the 2017 Action Plan and its relevance and coherence against the new challenges and opportunities brought by recent and potential future developments linked to AMR. It will propose recommendations for a strengthened plan, including new specific objectives and actions when relevant.
  • results of the 2022 Eurobarometer on AMR