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Joint EC/ECDC/WHO Workshop

IVth Joint EC/ECDC/WHO Workshop on Pandemic Influenza Preparedness,
Luxembourg, 25-27 September 2007

The Commission, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) jointly organised the fourth workshop on pandemic influenza. After the previous meetings in Copenhagen and Uppsala, Luxembourg hosted a packed assembly bringing together representatives not just from the 27 EU countries but from all 53 countries covered by the WHO's Office for Europe. Internationally reputed experts were invited to present the latest developments in scientific research on flu, bird flu and flu pandemics. The workshop provided an opportunity for a very profitable exchange of experience between countries at the sessions devoted to good practice and the two exercises on communication and the preparation of hospitals. Participants expressed their satisfaction at the end of the workshop.

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Keynote speakers' presentations


Day 1 – Tuesday, 25 September – Plenary session

Session 1: Welcome and key notes
Chair: EC (DG SANCO)

Session 2: Presentation of communication tools (films)
Chair for presentation: M. Ciotti, Deputy PRU, ECDC

Session 3: Current situation and important developments
Chair: T. Paixão (Portuguese Presidency)

Session 4: Update on progress from ECDC and European projects with Member States including contributions from EISS, WHO and ECDC
Chair: J-F Ryan, Head of Unit, DG SANCO C3

Session 5: Innovations and Resources from the Member States - Poster session outside meeting rooms
(session outside meeting rooms)

Session 6: Human H5N1 and pandemic vaccines
Chair : G. Magnusson, Director, Division of Health Programmes, WHO

Day 2 –Wednesday, 26 September - Break-out sessions, exercises and plenary session

Session 7: Break-out Session on Inter-sectoral approaches for Business Continuity Planning
Chair: M. Hudson, Adviser, General Affairs Directorate, DG SANCO

Session 8: Break-out Session on Public Health measures
Chair: A. Nicoll, Influenza Coordinator, ECDC

Session 9 and 10: Your choice of 2 parallel exercises

Session 11: Infection control
Chair: A. Nicoll, Influenza Coordinator, ECDC
Canadian work, M. Gardam, University Health Network, Canada

Day 3 – Thursday, 27 September – Plenary session

Session 12: Presentations on results of break-out sessions 7 & 8
Chair: D. Houssin (France)

Session 13: Avian flu

Session 14: Presentations on exercises sessions 9 & 10
Chair: M. Socan, Slovenia

Session 15: General feedback and conclusions
Chair: EC (DG SANCO)

Disclaimer: The presentations and documents available on this page are the communication materials used by speakers during the 4th joint EC/ECDC/WHO workshop on pandemic influenza preparedness. They are intended for information purposes only and as such do not constitute official guidance from the Commission. The accuracy of the data depends on its author.



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