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News announcement23 April 2015Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety

70,000 school children in Milan will have a "taste" of Europe on 8 May eating European Healthy School Lunches

70,000 school children in Milan will have a "taste" of Europe on 8 May eating European Healthy School Lunches

European Healthy School Lunches was an initiative to promote healthy diets for children. On 8 May, 70,000 children in Milan, from pre-school to secondary schools, were served healthy meals cooked from European recipes.

The chefs of Milano Ristorazione (caterer for the schools of Milan) prepared a colourful variety of meals based on recipes provided by the High Level Group on Nutrition and Physical Activity (HLG) , a group that brings together nutrition experts from the Member States.

Healthy recipes from all EU Member States as well as from Norway and Switzerland demonstrated that eating at school can be tasty, fun and healthy.

This initiative also highlighted an important aspect of European diversity on the eve of Europe Day, 9 May.

It can continue to inspire pupils, parents, chefs and all those involved in school food policies: more information including factsheets on the school food policy of the participating countries is available here.

The high level group on nutrition and physical activity is composed of EU (and EFTA) government representatives and is led by the European Commission. The group

  • Enables governments to share health and economic analysis, policy ideas and best practices and develop common approaches;
  • Works on priorities such as improving food products recipes, reducing children's exposure to marketing of foods high in fat, salt and sugars, physical activity, labelling and public procurement of food;
  • Facilitates the sharing of evidence, data and best practices for policy makers;
  • Identifies research gaps and supports health in all policies;
  • Works on reducing health inequalities.

The high level group can also be asked by the Commission to prepare the groundwork for relevant prevention and promotion initiatives agreed by the steering group on promotion and prevention.


Publication date
23 April 2015
Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety