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Expert opinion

Lawsonia inermis (Henna) (C169)

Final Opinion


Publication date
19 September 2013
Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS)


WG on Hair Dyes
SCCS members:M. Dusinska, D. Gawkrodger, W. Lilienblum, M. Metzler, E. Nielsen, T. Platzek (chairman and rapporteur), S.C. Rastogi, C. Rousselle, J. van Benthem
External experts:M. Pilar Vinardell, I. White, T. Sanner
Contact:SANTE-C2-SCCSatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (SANTE-C2-SCCS[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)
On request from: European Commission
SCCS Number: SCCS/1511/13
Doi: 10.2772/71314
Adopted on: 19 September 2013

Conclusion of the opinion:

The SCCS is of the opinion that the information provided is sufficient to assess the safe use of Henna as a hair dye. The assessment is based on the Henna batches 1271 and 830.72 under functions and uses, e.g. 100 g Henna powder mixed with 300 ml boiling water Henna is considered safe for the consumer. Other kinds of extracts of Henna that may have different compositions are not covered by this assessment. The traditional and current expanding use of Henna Rot (Lawsonia inermis) as a body-paint has not been assessed. Additionally, a reassessment of the genotoxicity of Lawsone by the SCCS is desirable.


SCCS, scientific opinion, hair dye, C169, lawsonia inermis, henna, directive 76/768/ECC, CAS 84988-66-9, EC 284-854-1

Opinion to be cited as:

SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety), Opinion on Lawsonia inermis (henna), 19 September 2013.