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Expert opinion

SCHEER Position Paper on Emerging Issues and the Role of the SCHEER (2018)

Final Opinion

On request from: European Commission
Approved on: 5-6 June 2018

Content of the Opinion

According to the Commission Decision C(2015) 5383, the Scientific Committees shall draw the Commission's attention to specific or emerging problems which may pose a potential risk to consumer's safety, public health or the environment. The Scientific Committees review and evaluate relevant scientific data and assess potential risks. The SCHEER Committee provides opinions on questions concerning health, environmental and emerging risks.

The position paper on emerging issues and the role of the SCHEER describes the methodology how SCHEER draws the attention of the European Commission services to emerging issues in the non-food area.


SCHEER, emerging issues, emerging risks, newly identified health risks, health, environment, impacts

Opinion to be cited as:

SCHEER (Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks). Emerging Issues and the Role of the SCHEER. Position Paper (2018), 5-6 June 2018.


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