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Public Health

Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER)

The Committee provides opinions on health and environmental risks related to pollutants in the environmental media and other biological and physical factors or changing physical conditions which may have a negative impact on health and the environment (e.g. in relation to air quality, waters, waste and soils). It also provides opinions on life cycle environmental assessment. It shall also address health and safety issues related to the toxicity and eco-toxicity of biocides.

Without prejudice to the competences of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) and other European risk assessment bodies, it may be invited to address questions on the toxicity and eco-toxicity of chemical, biochemical and biological compounds whose use may have harmful consequences for human health and the environment. In addition, the Committee will address questions relating to methodological aspects of the assessment of health and environmental risks of chemicals (including mixtures) for providing sound and consistent advice in its areas of competence and to contribute to relevant issues in close cooperation with other European agencies.



The committee usually produces its reports in response to a specific request.

Opinions and statements

At the end of the risk assessment process, the Committee adopts opinions. The Committee can also, at its own initiative, publish statements on specific topics.

Opinions in plain language

For some opinions – of direct relevance to the public – a plain-language version is produced for non-specialists.



  • Rules of procedure of the Scientific Committees
  • the stakeholder dialogue procedure is set out in Annex IV of that document.



Former Scientific Committees

Information on former Scientific Committees

1st plenary meeting, Luxembourg, 11-12 April 2013