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OACCUs– Outdoor Against Cancer Connects us

The number of young cancer survivors is increasing. For them to recover well and enjoy an optimal quality of life, comprehensive care and follow-up encompassing social support are essential.

OACCUs takes a proactive approach to cancer survivorship. It directly addresses young cancer survivors and their social environment, including the organisations and professionals that work with them.

It is based on four pillars of healthy living: physical activity and outdoor sport, balanced nutrition, mental and physical well-being, and sustainable lifestyles and contact with nature.
The project:

  • promotes and facilitates outdoor physical activity and healthy lifestyles within the young cancer survivors’ community;
  • provides easily accessible, user-friendly information related to the four pillars; 
  • trains young cancer survivors and people in their social environment on the four pillars so that they can spread the OACCUs message.
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17 AUGUST 2023
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4 JUNE 2024
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OACCUs is expected to develop:

  • a European network of young cancer survivors, their families and friends, and organisations and professionals who work with them;
  • a communication and information-sharing platform tailored to the young cancer survivors’ community, with shared experiences and scientific information on the four pillars;
  • health-promoting tools including videos, podcasts, infographics and reading material in several languages.





Svenja Stöven

Svenja Stöven
Umeå University (UMU)
Contactatoac-connect [dot] eu
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