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RYHEALTH: A holistic approach to rocking your health 

Involving six partners from four European countries, RYHEALTH aims to develop a holistic concept that will have a big impact on health promotion and disease prevention in the EU.

The goal is to enable primary and secondary school students from various socio-economic backgrounds to learn and adopt healthy and sustainable behaviours. RYHEALTH is also designed to reach teachers and parents, thereby having an intergenerational impact and meeting the EU4Health programme’s goal of a healthy lifestyle for all.

The specific objectives are to:

  • promote outdoor activity, a healthy environment and healthy eating as effective means of preventing cancer and chronic non-communicable diseases like cardiovascular disease;
  • improve the ability of teachers, students and parents to promote healthy lifestyles among students and young people;
  • facilitate and increase participation in healthy activities in healthy environments from an early age;
  • raise awareness of good habits related to active lifestyles and healthy diets through accessible, targeted and user-friendly information;
  • develop a European network of institutions, schools, students and families involved in the promotion of sport, outdoor activities and healthy lifestyles.
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27 JULY 2023
Factsheet - RYHEALTH
4 JUNE 2024
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Expected results:

The project should give teachers, students and parents an understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyles, and the opportunity to talk about their experiences and support each other.

It will do this by involving:

  • teachers in training of trainers, through which they will develop new skills to apply in the training of students and later in their daily work with students in the classroom thanks to an online toolbox;
  • students in training of other students, through which, using innovative methodologies, they will learn about healthy habits that they will apply at school and with their families;
  • students in a digital engagement programme, through which they will influence their peers, families and other people.





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