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TRANSiTION - Digital Transition And Digital Resilience In Oncology

Despite digital health's potential, challenges persist in cancer care, including a scarcity of workforce training on digital skills and limited digital health literacy.

Digital literacy among healthcare professionals, non-clinical professionals (i.e. health managers) and cancer patients is crucial for the successful digital solutions uptake and integration across the cancer continuum hence capitalizing on its full potential. Education and training in digital health are identified as top priorities for developing the future healthcare workforce (i.e. healthcare professionals and non-clinical professionals), improving the quality of care and quality of care experience and enabling patient access to improved healthcare services.

The TRANSITION project aims to address these challenges by:

  • developing a training on digital skills for the health workforce,
  • focusing on the needs of clinicians, non-clinical professionals, patients, and their informal carers across the cancer care journey.
  • the project seeks to improve healthcare professionals and non-clinical professionals' digital skills, support the use of existing digital tools (i.e. mobile Apps), and enhance preparedness for adopting new ones.
  • the project emphasizes a cultural shift, combining clinical understanding with technology and change management, to ensure seamless integration of digital technology into healthcare practice and drive learning across healthcare organizations (clinical and non-clinical settings).
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30 JANUARY 2024
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4 JUNE 2024
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Expected results:

TRANSiTION is expected to foster up-skilling and re-skilling in the context of digital health solutions for the health workforce and non-clinical professionals’ workforce through a training programme that will be developed in accordance to the needs and preferences of end-users.

The digital skills training will be delivered to healthcare professionals and non-clinical professionals (i.e. health managers) through a ToT (Training of Trainer) approach. Beyond supporting the workforce in terms of digital solutions utilisation and digital preparedness it is envisioned that beyond the lifespan of the TRANSiTION project it will also facilitate a swifter transition to more effective and cost-effective and patient-centred health models.





Prof Andreas Charalambous

Prof Andreas Charalambous
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