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Estimates of the amount of toy materials ingested by children

Final Opinion


Publication date
8 April 2016
Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER)


WG on Toys
SCHER members: Claire Beausoleil, Maria José Carroquino, Raquel Duarte Davison, Teresa Fernandes, Renate Krätke (Rapporteur), Greet Schoeters (Chair)
Contact: SANCO-C2-SCHEERatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (SANCO-C2-SCHEER[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)
On request from: European Commission
Adopted on: 8 April 2016

Content of the opinion:

The SCHER was asked to review available data on the ingestion of the following three types of toy material by children, and evaluate whether the ingestion amounts which formed the basis for the migration limits of 19 elements in the Toy Safety Directive are still appropriate or should be changed.

1. Dry, brittle, powder-like or pliable toy material (ingestion amount 100 mg/day)
2. Liquid or sticky toy material (400 mg/day)
3. Scraped-off toy material (8 mg/day)

In its Opinion the SCHER considers the ingestion amounts mentioned above to be appropriate. Furthermore, the SCHER considers that all ingestion amounts should remain classified as daily amounts rather than weekly.


Toys, children, ingestion, pliable, liquid, sticky, scraped-off toy material, risk assessment

Opinion to be cited as:

SCHER (Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks), Final Opinion on estimates of the amount of toy materials ingested by children, 8 April 2016.