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Public Health

Tailored country assistance

The Expert Group supports tailored activities in countries that are interested, in undertaking performance assessment at national level. These include seminars and workshops to engage policy makers, and take place at the request of national authorities.

In April 2017, a two-day workshop in Budapest served to evaluate the country's first national HSPA report, and to share operational best practices with similar countries. The report was also presented to the public and exposed to an open debate for the first time.

In September 2016, a two-day workshop in Ljubljana, reviewed quality indicators for assessment of quality of care, paving the way for a more effective national system. The workshop resulted in a concrete action plan which is being followed up by the Slovenian government, with technical assistance from the European Commission.

In April 2016, the Group organised a seminar in Rome to discuss the best methods to assess integrated care, together with Italian civil servants and health professionals engaged in setting up and running integrated care models. The discussion fed into the national debate on integrated care assessment and triggered innovative approaches.