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Toolbox for Cross-Border Healthcare

The toolbox contains relevant information on the legal framework of cross-border healthcare, covering both Directive 2011/24/EU and the Social Security Regulations (EC) 883/2004 and 987/2009. It is divided into two main parts, one for patients and one for National Contact Points (NCPs). Under the Cross-border Healthcare Directive, patients have the right to access health services in another EU/EEA country and to enjoy assumption of costs by their home country where they are insured.

This toolbox is intended for patients and National Contact Points (NCPs) set up in each EU country to provide information to patients seeking healthcare in another EU country. The use of this toolbox is voluntary and does not impose any obligations on the National Contact Points. The text of the tools may be copied and posted on the NCP website. The application of the toolbox needs to take into account the specific context of national legislation and the national organisation of healthcare.

Manual for National Contact Points (NCPs)

This part of the toolbox concentrates on how NCPs can improve their communication with patients, providing them with clear and accessible information on all aspects of accessing medical treatment abroad.

The following Toolbox documents are intended for use by NCPs:

Manual for Patients

Information for patients to explain their rights to access medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or use a prescription in any other EU/EEA country and to enjoy assumption of the healthcare costs in the EU country where they are insured. It covers and explains all situations where the Cross-border Healthcare Directive can be applied.

The following documents are for patients interested in seeking healthcare in another EU country: